I Stumped My Toe On The Bed Post !

/I Stumped My Toe On The Bed Post !

I Stumped My Toe On The Bed Post !

I Stumped My Toe On The Bed Post !

Wake up in Blarney  Hotel, I joined the  guests for breakfast & noticed,  Gerry was  limping a little and on further enquiry Gerry said casually “ I stumped my toe on the bed post !

Strangely enough I could feel the pain of that as he said it for it’s something that I’ve done myself in the past…. I just hate those beds with wooden surrounds and stumpy wooden legs!  So bulky.

Gerry did not look for any attention and dismissed the need to have it looked at!  However the following morning I noticed Gerry’s foot was swelling quite considerably.

Gerry was still quite dismissive but I could see it was ANGRY looking, swollen, red & I feared an infection. As always the hotel receptionist Catherine, was very helpful, she called the Orthopaedic hospital in Cork, and advised to send Gerry up to Accident & Emergency Dept, immediately.  Our hospitals are always busy but they assured us Gerry would be seen quickly as possible!!!!!  They left Blarney at 10.10am by Taxi.

Ironically the previous day, on the journey from Galway I had spoken about the Irish Health Service and explained all the issues we were experiencing with Long delays, patients on Trolleys, no beds, shortage of hospital staff etc…. But I did say that the health service delivery is excellent as soon as a patient is admitted and gets into the system! I was about to be challenged now!

I can only imagine the thoughts of Gerry & Shirley, what was going to be their experience!

Taxi at the ready Gerry and his lovely wife Shirley were on their way to the hospital, they promised to call and let me know they’re situation and if they wish to rejoin the rest of the group later in the day. Cobh, Cork City & Kinsale was our itinerary for the day!

11.30am, 80 minutes later  Gerry called me  to say  “we ‘re out of the hospital, toe strapped and that they had decided to return to the hotel and meet us all later in the evening.

OMG what a service, toe was broken, vertically, it had been X-rayed & now strapped & Gerry was sent away with prescription for pain killers & a pair of crutches.

This was a great result and thank you to the very efficient hospital staff.  All in all a good story, Gerry & Shirley were very impressed and happy with the treatment they received.

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