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Feeling Hugely Proud

Feeling Hugely Proud


This has to be one of those moments where I was so proud to be an Irish lady!

Thirty Five guests on tour, having stayed two nights in Galway, two  in Cork on the last leg of the journey, leaving Cork for Dublin a guest, John, called me aside.

John had lost his cash, €360…. ! . Feeling embarrassed, he hesitated in mentioning it to me. John expected to find it in his luggage somewhere!

John’s wife Sally was equally embarrassed. On closer questioning their last memory of seeing the cash, which was not in John’s wallet, was actually 3 days ago in Galway. John thought he may have left it on the bed but he could not be sure!

I culminated my belief in positive expectation with trust in the Irish staff. I assured John & Sally I would make contact with the hotel in Galway as soon as possible. Honestly I was a little concerned that so much time had elapsed since we left the hotel but I made contact and spoke to the receptionist, Geraldine, who listened carefully. I was careful not to mention the amount of cash involved.  About 90mins later Geraldine called me back  and Yes the money was found, I enquired how much she said €360. It was in the safe waiting for someone to make contact!  I was extremely proud of our hotel staff, what a great result!

The money was delivered to Dublin by courier and John, totally amazed and thrilled gave €60 to the staff fund in appreciation!

Always expect the Best of people, and you’ll not be disappointed!

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