The Proposal ….

/The Proposal ….

The Proposal ….

The Proposal ….

Beautiful sunny Monday morning and an excited group arrived into Shannon.

Later in the afternoon, having checked into our hotel all was quiet, many of the guests had gone for a “40 Winks” I was sitting alone in the foyer of our hotel, and a smiling guest came towards me and we started chatting. Alice was travelling with her daughter, May, future son-in-law, Rick and his mother, Mary.

After a few moments Alice  enquired the following “ Hi Patricia, can I talk to you about our trip to the Cliffs of Moher & how will this work ‘’ of course yes and I just told her what the usual tour there is like . Then she looked at me straight and said “you don’t know what I’m referring to do you ‘ and she was quite correct… I did not!

Alice & Rick,  (future son in law were planning a proposal to May ) and  Rick had asked Alice to help him set up the scene, Mary  was not to know about it, Rick says “ she can’t keep a secret ).

O this was exciting and I was in my element…. organising an important event is just up my alley !!!! )
WE chatted about what she had in mind and it went like this :

Rick  wants to propose on one knee, at the Cliffs of Moher !

May to be surprised, preferably not see Rob go on one knee !!

Everyone in the group present at the time,

Lots of Champagne ….

My reply was “NO PROBLEM “” we can do this!

Immediately Alice & I walked across to Dunnes Stores, Bought 6 large bottles of Champagne & plenty of disposable Champagne glasses !

I kept the alcohol in my bedroom, I’m sure the cleaning staff were intrigued ! !

The day arrived, Wednesday morning, loaded the coach, gave the driver , Dan the responsibility of hiding the Champagne and yet having it handy for when we get to the Cliffs . We had tea booked at Ballyvaughan hotel, which turned out to be a disaster as they “forgot “so all they could do there was a bathroom break…

The morning was misty and the guests needed their coffee…. I was feeling the tension but they all remained very gracious! Arrived at the Cliffs and how was I going to get everyone in the group up at O’Briens tower at the same time… they NEEDED their coffee /… Big Time!

This was the moment I had to encourage the entire group to stay together for a while longer. I faced the group :

Ladies & Gentlemen… I know you all need a break both bathroom & coffee but I have a huge favour please….. I am obliged to get a group photo at the Cliffs of Moher, O’Briens Tower in particular so if you don’t mind will you all meet me at the little hut here close to the visitor centre in 10 mins and we’ll all walk up together… I apologised profusely but “played “on the need for this photo.”

A brilliant group all agreed and so that’s what we did…. The driver hauled up the Champagne and everyone positioned themselves for the photograph at O’Briens tower. It WAS windy! Very windy.

I proceeded to take a photo having rearrange the group so that Rick, May  and both mothers sitting on the first step. I used an excuse of height etc and managed to do that without any objections. My brain was racing as to how this could be a surprise: I remember saying out loud

“You are all looking at a Crazy Irish Woman searching for inspiration ‘and it came to me….

“Now I have one more favour to ask of you all, can you all close your eyes, tight, no peeping , through sunglasses Ha ,Ha Ha ‘  and thank fully Rick took my queue,  got on one knee and  opened the ring box with an a very sparkly Solitaire  Diamond shining and then I said “  EVERYONE OPEN YOUR EYES “….

Then the words “ Will You Marry Me “…. thankfully May said “YES “

My job was done…. Excitement, crying, laughing, shouting, echoed across the cliffs on to the Atlantic Ocean… I was tearful myself…

Champagne was corked and enjoyed by everyone, I was feeling very pleased and I knew I was vindicated for dragging everyone up to the cliff top! It is such a privilege to be part of another person’s enjoyment and celebration, one I will never take for granted !.

I Love my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!