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A place of contrasts, colours, wilderness and warm welcomes on the west coast of Ireland.

From the bogs and lakes of the Gaelic speaking South Connemara, to the mountain vistas of North and West Connemara, the diversity of the landscape and the people who populate it offers much to the visitor.

Visit the sites of the great movie “The Quiet Man” at Maam, and so many quieter unique little villages, all offering their own distinct character and culture. Also, Kylemore Abbey and Clifden.

Dotted around the rugged coastline are the islands of Connemara all remote and beautiful in the wild and windswept Atlantic.

If time allows take a trip out to the Aran Islands and immerse yourself in a peaceful idyllic setting, Chat with the locals as they quietly and calmly go about their business. Take a trip around the island in a horse and buggy!